Santa Sleigh

Kero Characters- Santa Sleigh
A complete set of props in which I worked on many aspects of it.
In terms of modelling, I modelled the 5 characters, and the bag where the presents are sitting.
In terms of rigging, I did the rig for the sleigh fully functional for it to "fly", and also corrected the Santa's blendshapes.
In texturing, I worked on every single aspect present, for some elements I only created the normal maps like the reindeers.
The concept for these elements were done by Manel Sacadura and Carina Beringuilho, and painted by Madalena Leitao.

Final Render


Painting by Carina Beringuilho & Madalena Leitao

Santa Modelling by Ruben Martins

Concept by Manel Sacadura

Modelling: Ruben Martins
Texturing: Ruben Martins
Rigging: Stefano Susco
Lighting: Manel Sacadura & Rui Miranda
Concept: Manel Sacadura

Modelling: Ruben Martins
Texturing: Carina Beringuilho & Ruben Martins
Rigging: Stefano Susco
Concept: Manel Sacadura

Modelling: Diogo Tavares
Texturing: Ruben Martins
Rigging: Ruben Martins
Concept: Carina Beringuilho

Lighting: Ruben Martins & Rui Miranda
Rendering: Ruben Martins